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What in the ADHD?

Normalizing the quirks that come with ADHD

We have QUIZZES now!!

Have you ever checked out our survey data and results and thought, "dang flabbit! I missed the announcement for that survey and I really wanted to take it!" If so, you're in luck

What in the ADHD? - LLC now proudly offers point-based quizzes that are styled similarly to "Personality Tests". How does it work?

Directly below, you can read about the work that is put into making these quizzes possible. Scroll a liiiiiittle further down to find the quiz!

Step 1: A survey is designed from scratch, usually centered around a specific ADHD trait (ie Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria) or a general interest, such as education, alcohol use, etc. However, some surveys are also open to Neurotypicals for the purpose of control data. Each survey remains open for 3-10 days, receiving approximately 200 - 1,000 anonymous responses. 

Step 2: The survey is closed and responses are organized and analyzed in a spreadsheet. A selection of the questions and their responses are then correlated with a unique point system based on the responses from the entire population of ADHD participants for that specific survey. (For example, a True/False question may be scored "1" for "True" responses and "0" for "False" responses.)

Step 3: If applicable, the total score is calculated for each person that participated in the survey, as well as the average total score. Next, the percentage of participants for each individual score is determined. (Ex: let's say a point scale is 0-21. The percentage of participants that scored a total of 0/21 is at 0.1%, 3/21 at 0.8%, 14/21 at 39.45, and so on until the percentage of all 22 possible scores are calculated.)

From those percentages, point scale cutoffs are determined. In other words, scores between 0 and 9 may be the lowest tier, 10-14 may be the next, etc. This is done to ensure a nice "bell curve" for the total scores, which is why some may see the point scales as arbitrary ranges. ("This is a bunch of baloney! One tier has a range of 10 points and another has a range of 4! THE OUTRAGE!!!") I promise the ranges are very carefully considered by using statistical analyses.

Step 4: Now, we switch gears to creating the quiz (NOT to be confused with surveys, which are made for the purpose of data collection.) A quiz is made from scratch using some of the relevant questions (and the same exact response options) from the original survey. Those responses are then given the same point values that were assigned for the original survey data and incorporated into the quiz's programming. That way, when someone selects "True" for one of the questions, they receive a score of "1" for that question, as opposed to receiving "0" for choosing "False". 

Step 5: "End Forms" are made for each of the possible score outcomes from the quiz. So, for the example that had a possible range of 0-21 points, 22 unique end pages are designed. These give the quiz-taker their raw score of, say "18/21". Along with their score is a short block of text telling them where they rank among other ADHDers (other ADHDers being the 700 or so people that took the original survey.) Lastly, chart made from scratch (usually using Canva) is placed on each of the end pages, showing all of the possible score tiers and their respective "titles". (ie "Premium", "Standard", "Severe", etc.)

Quiz #1: Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Unfamiliar with RSD? Click here to be redirected to our RSD page to get a basic description of what is and why people with ADHD commonly struggle with it. Alternatively, you can click here to check out my video about RSD, most popular YouTube video.

Take our very first point-based quiz here!

What in the Blog?

Welcome to the What in the ADHD? Blog - a place where we try our best to be consistent with making blog posts, but sometimes fail because ADHD. Do you have a topic you'd like us to cover? Fill out our Contact Form with your request! Would you like to share your ADHD story? (This can be anything; from your Diagnosis Story to how you struggled with and overcame a specific symptom, or even your latest Hyperfocus!) Send an email to to ask for more details, and we'll get back to you! (Or.. we'll try our best to remember to get back to you, that is.)

Meet Sydni:

Sydni is the Creator and Founder of What in the ADHD? She started the brand in January 2021, with the simple hope of sharing accessible ADHD information with others. With a strong background in teaching and science, she got to work on learning as much as she could about ADHD. She then relayed that information to the ADHD community via YouTube videos and becoming active on Twitter.... Read More.

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