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Normalizing the quirks that come with ADHD via blogs, videos, and tweeting nonsensical things that fellow ADHDers relate to.

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What in the Blog?

Welcome to the What in the ADHD? Blog - a place where I try my best to be consistent with making blog posts, but ultimately fail because ADHD. As of May 2021, I'm asking fellow ADHDers to share their story with me in the Candid Chaos Chronicles. Community is SO important. As much as I know you'd all like to hear me blab all day every day about ADHD, I'm only one person with a limited set of life experiences. So, I'm invited other neurodiverse pals to send me their stories - whether that's about why and how they got diagnosed, what they struggle with, or just a rant about their current hyperfocus. I want all of it! If you're interested in sharing your story, send me an email: WhatintheADHD@gmail.com.