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I'm a 28-year-old mom, wife, ADHDer, and Biology grad student. (I'm almost done with my Master's degree in Genetics and Microbiology!) Grad school introduced me to two of my passions in life: teaching and research. 

I was diagnosed with Combined-Type ADHD ("ADHD-C") when I was 24 in 2018. Upon that diagnosis, I felt a sense of relief - almost like this huge weight was being lifted. I finally understood why I was the way that I was. As you may have guessed, I have spent a lot of my free time learning everything I can about ADHD: research articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, ADHD Facebook groups, Reddit, ADDitude magazine, etc. I gathered all of the information I could about the genetics and neurobiology of ADHD, symptoms and behaviors, gender differences, etc.

Unfortunately, I noticed an issue as I was doing all of my research: much of the information out there is inconsistent, outdated, or just completely incorrect. This is probably because of the way the information is presented. As a scientist, I'm aware of how inaccessible some of the language can be in research articles; and as a human, I'm also aware of the fact that literally anybody can put information on the internet - correctly interpreted or not.

That's around the time when my Teacher urges took over: I wanted to find a way to communicate everything I've learned (and continue to learn) about ADHD in a way that anyone could understand. I wanted to teach the general public about ADHD, and I especially wanted to show those in the ADHD Community that they are not alone.

And so, What in the ADHD? was born.

For Booking, Collaboration, and Interview Inquiries, send an email to emerae.h@whatintheadhd.com

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