Surveys and Stats

Each week, the What in the ADHD? Twitter Account posts an anonymous survey for ADHDers (and sometimes Neurotypicals, too!) to fill out. Click an underlined topic below to view the results for each category! If the text is dark, it's clickable! 

Do people with ADHD more commonly have a certain blood type? Do they more commonly have positive or negative types. Click here to find out!

"Comorbidities" are conditions that coexist together in a single person at the same time. This can refer to anything from Anxiety to IBS to Fibromyalgia. What are the most common comorbidities among people with ADHD?

How do people with ADHD treat their condition? Stimulants? Nonstimulants? Supplements? How does their treatment plan work for them? Have they noticed anything get better or worse?

Based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, which do you think is the most common personality type among ADHDers? What about neurotypicals?

How many ADHDers experience Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria? Are there any particular activities that trigger it more commonly? What are the most and least common behaviors of those who experience RSD? How do ADHDers compare to neurotypicals when it comes to typical RSD symptoms?


The categories below contain mature content that may not be suitable for some readers.

What percentage of the ADHD population drinks alcohol? How frequently do they drink? What are their most common behaviors when they're buzzed or drunk? Do they get drunk faster with medication, or do the meds perhaps exacerbate their ADHD symptoms? (NSFW, 18+)

What percentage of people with ADHD use cannabis? How often do they partake? Does it improve their ADHD symptoms or make them worse? (NSFW, 18+)

Do people with ADHD more commonly have a high libido? What's the average number of sexual partners among people in the ADHD community? What are the most common kinks and fetishes? (NSFW, 18+)